Failing Forward

Everyone experiences failure at one point or another in their path toward success. I’m important to embrace our failures and LEARN from them so we can be the very best version of ourselves possible! So here are SOME of the many failures i’ve experienced: Number 1-I didn’t graduate from high school, I got my GED. I had moved around schools so much due to extenuating family circumstances that by the time I was 18 and ready to get my diploma, I was over 2 years behind my class! Number 2- I got pregnant when I was 19, had no job, no support, no idea what I was doing, and the dad bailed. This is difficult for me to write because this “failure” of not being safe and smart about what I was doing ended up giving me the BEST gift I could have ever gotten!! My daughter saved my life. And this is a perfect example of how one mishap can lead to one of the most pivotal life defining moments of your life. Number 3- I quit nursing school before switching my major to biology/english and pursing medicine. This is one of my biggest regrets in academia. If i could go back in time to do my undergrad all over again, I would have finished and gotten my BSN, THEN applied to medical school. Number 4- It took me 6 years to get my bachelors. I had to drop out of a semester due to a major family emergency and ended up received F’s on my transcript because it was past the Withdraw date. (and yes, I fought like crazy to get those removed). Number 5- I took the MCAT twice, and got the EXACT same score the first time I took it. I went into the exam the second time around so scared and debilitated by fear of not doing well. It screwed me up BAD. And so my dear community, Never never ever forget that we are in this TOGETHER. We all fall flat on our ass. What matters is how you get back up and show em who’s boss!!

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